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I’m a big fan of Google Alerts and have about a dozen set up, many to search for terms related to CRM On Demand, Oracle, and the like. My monitor for “software as a service” picked up a nice new paper published by Forrester Research which details a lot of the same things we’ve said here on the podcast and in conversation with customers and prospects.

You can find the article here (full paper with free subscription).

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This podcast features a re-broadcast (with permission) of an interview conducted by Lisa McClain, editor at McGraw Hill, with Jeff Saenger. Jeff is a vice president for CRM On Demand at Oracle and one of my collaborators, along with Tim Koehler, on the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide.

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Hot on the heels of Oracle Open World I noticed a number of our “Inner Circle” partners in the news. A sampling is below.

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I’m back from 5 days at Oracle Open World 2009 in San Francisco. CRM On Demand was well represented at this massive event!

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In this episode, Robert and I talk about Software as a Service, or “Saas” as it is often called. This software delivery method gets a lot of attention lately, but is this really anything new?
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Howdy folks!

The CRM On Demand Podcast is a project produced by Louis Peters (me) and Robert Davidson. We’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of Oracle CRM On Demand customers and have decided to share our experiences through this great medium.

We’re very interested in the feedback of the CRM On Demand community. Please contact us to let us know what you think, your suggestions for future topics, or ideas on how we can improve the show.