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We’ve talked many times before about the value of using Indexed Custom Fields (ICF) to juice your performance. It’s clearly important to think about this when you are going through initial design and configuration. But what about after deployment – when you start to figure out exactly what bits of data are being most heavily searched and reported on?

Lose not hope! Even in a live system, months or years after initial launch, you can make the move to ICFs with a little care and planning. And let’s face it – every CRM system is going to need some tuning after a while. Business needs evolve or sometimes change dramatically and your CRM application must keep up. So let’s dig into how you can make a slow dog field into a sprinter.

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In today’s episode, we celebrate another CRM On Demand milestone – our 18th release! Yes, our little software as a service application is finally legal. Robert and I memorialize this event by chatting about some of our favorite new features and enhancements.

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Today I welcome back Mike Lairson to the podcast. You all know Mike as the author of “CRM On Demand Reporting” – well now he’s adding to the series with his recently released title “CRM On Demand Dashboards”! Mike took some time to chat with me about the new book and plans for the future.
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I had a recent experience helping a customer and implementer in dealing with a lot of workflows and field validations combined with integration via web services. It occurred to me some folks out there might be attempting the same, so I decided to write up a few tips which could save some headaches!
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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 starts soon – September 19, to be exact. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever!

As usual, there will be plenty to keep CRM On Demand fans entertained. I highly recommend checking out the “Leveraging On Demand Analytics” session on Monday and the “Best Practices” session on Tuesday.

See the full roster of CRM On Demand sessions here:

You can get great deals during the show at the Oracle Bookstore (Moscone West, Level II) and even meet the Oracle Press authors. I’ll be there Monday and Tuesday from 10 AM to 10:30. Bring your copy of the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide and I’ll write something on it!

Are YOU going to OOW? Leave a comment to let me know!

It’s been a while since Robert and I got together on the ole’ podcast, so we were both eager to dive into this episode. And today we tackle one of those activities that is part of every implementation. The mid-morning cookie break? No! Data import, of course!

Robert and I discuss the strategies to employ and the pitfalls to avoid when planning your data migration.
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I’m a big fan of Google Alerts and have about a dozen set up, many to search for terms related to CRM On Demand, Oracle, and the like. My monitor for “software as a service” picked up a nice new paper published by Forrester Research which details a lot of the same things we’ve said here on the podcast and in conversation with customers and prospects.

You can find the article here (full paper with free subscription).

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Today we tackle a topic that every company deploying CRM wrestles with – how to get users to actually use the system! In this super-sized episode, I am joined by my long time colleague Tim Koehler to talk about user adoption. Tim is a recognized expert in the topic and, more importantly, co-author of the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide.

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The CRM On Demand Deployment GuideIn this episode, Robert and I talk about the latest exciting development in the CRM On Demand world – the release of the first comprehensive guide to everything! The CRM On Demand Deployment Guide is already garnering positive reviews and promises to be an invaluable resource to anyone working with the service.
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I was recently interviewed by Steve Diamond, Oracle’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing for CRM On Demand. The topic was our new book, the “Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide”. (You can find a link to the book on Amazon in the sidebar!)

Steve is a lot of fun to talk to and I think the interview went pretty well. There is, of course, a lot more to say, so check back here for a longer discussion of the Deployment Guide.

The interview can be found on the Oracle CRM Blog: