The CRM On Demand Podcast is a production of Louis Peters and Robert Davidson. Both are currently employees of Oracle and have worked with the CRM On Demand product since it’s launch.

The opinions expressed in the podcast and on this site are solely those of the individuals and not those of Oracle Corporation. Oracle does not sponsor or endorse this site or podcast.

About the Hosts

This is LouisLouis J Peters Jr has spent his entire career (to date) in the software industry. After several years actually making things, he transitioned to managing things, which it turned out is not as much fun as it sounds. Nonetheless, he excelled at it and became the envy of his peers.

In 2002 Louis joined a small company called UpShot in Mountain View, CA. There he was introduced to the world of hosted CRM, later to be known as Software as a Service (Saas). UpShot was acquired by Siebel, which in turn was acquired by Oracle. As Director of consulting for CRM On Demand, Louis pioneered the development of standards and tools for SaaS CRM deployment and employed those same tools in implementations at over 400 companies, numbering thousands of users.

Louis currently works as a Product Manager for Oracle CRM On Demand within the Quality of Service organization, which is dedicated to helping customers and partners succeed in a really big way. He holds a BA and MBA from Xavier University (well actually they hang on the wall). He is also the co-author of the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide and writes his own bio.

Technical Notes

The theme music is “Let’s Race” by Mark Kaye, used with permission.

Skype is used for interviews. Audio editing and post production is done with Audacity.

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