Well  it’s been a really long time since we warmed up ole Skype and recorded a new podcast. So maybe the first thing we should do is apologize to our loyal fan. Sorry… you. Next thing we should probably do is talk about what’s happening with the podcast?

The best way to do that is to explain what’s been happening with me and Robert over the past several months.

The move to Fusion CRM

Earlier this year, as it occasionally happens at Oracle, there was a bit of a re-organization. As part of that, Robert and I were tapped to help out with Oracle’s biggest product launch, like, EVER. A little something called FUSION CRM.

If you follow Oracle at all you may know this is a brand new product suite – bringing together the latest technologies with the best functionality of all those acquired products. This has been a many-year, massive engineering undertaking at Oracle. Specifically, we were brought in to help with the Fusion CRM launch – which, like CRM On Demand, is being offered as a SAAS product.

So for the last several months we worked with the Oracle product teams and a collection of early adopter customers to work out the kinks in the product, exercise some basic business processes, and generally get this thing ready for launch.

And that was Open World. If you were there, you couldn’t have possibly missed all the commotion around “Fusion Nation” and so forth. It was really center stage the whole week. If you missed it, you can find a bunch of detail on Oracle’s web site. The net is, that was the official launch – Fusion CRM is GA!

Those customers Robert and I worked with were all at Open World and all had great things to say about Fusion CRM, so mission accomplished.

What about CRM On Demand?

I’m sure a lot of folks who are tracking Fusion are thinking “what does this mean for CRMOD?”.  Indeed, I was working the demo grounds for several hours and frequently was asked the question – choose CRMOD or Fusion CRM?

We can’t really do that topic justice here today. I think it’s important to emphasize that Oracle has a long history of coexistence – before Fusion we had multiple CRM offerings and that will continue. Each has its particular benefits and may be better suited to one company or another.

CRMOD is a mature product – 19 releases and counting – and isn’t going anywhere. Fusion is v1 today and brings a lot of innovation and enterprise strength. I think folks are going to have to evaluate for themselves what it means to their business.

What about the podcast?

And of course the other big question on folk’s minds – well, YOUR mind, loyal listener – is what about the podcast? Will Robert and Louis continue to produce this fine, entertaining and informational broadcast?

Not in the way we have over the last TWO! years. Can you believe its been two years?? Anyway, we’re both moving into new areas and while this is a ton of fun to do, it’s not possible for us to focus on our new responsibilities and try to put out new content on CRMOD.

So what, do we just give it all up?

Not necessarily. First, we’ve developed over 20 podcasts and blog posts that I think can stand the test of time. Topics like implementation strategy, integration approaches, and lifecycle management will be relevant to folks for a long time. So I like the idea that the podcast site remains a good source of knowledge for folks just getting to know CRMOD.

And second, maybe there are others out there who have something to share. Yes, we were the uber-experts, but I know there are other people out there with loads of hands-on experience that could contribute to the general pool of CRM knowledge.

So with that, we’d like to call on you to contribute to the podcast! Record your own episode and send it over. If it meets our admittedly low standards, we’ll post it on the site and give you all the credit.

Looking ahead

So that’s the big news of the day. The podcast has been an awesome amount of fun and we’ve really enjoyed it. As we spin off to our new things, you can expect we’ll be looking for an opportunity to charge up a new podcast to discuss whatever is on our minds.

Oh and one more thing – now that we’ve got Fusion CRM out the door, I (Louis) am leaving Oracle for a new adventure at a little place called Lithium. Who knows, maybe that will spawn its own podcast pretty soon? Stay tuned…

Here’s a big thanks to everyone who subscribed and listened to us carrying on here at podcast central.

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  1. Damian Hoy on 12 Jan 12 8:46 pm

    Good luck at Lithium Louis!
    Thank you for all the informative and highly entertaining podcasts.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Fusion CRM, and of course the continued evolution of CRMOD.