As 2011 nears its close, I am enjoying all of the end of year predictions – although I don’t much trust the psychics or Mayan prophecy. Gartner, on the other hand, does have some clout and they have published some interesting insights on the future of IT and enterprise software.

Wired does a good analysis of the key points and guess what? It’s all about the Cloud, baby!

Of course, for those of us embedded in the SaaS world, this is nothing new. IT’s role must be redefined in a world where business needs to move quickly and cloud deployments offer a path to rapid ROI. Increasingly, the line of business will be the “decider” and hold a greater share of the budget for IT spending.

As we’ve stated on the site before, IT need not go away (as some analysts infer). The expertise in IT needs to encompass cloud services and the often complex process of integration, migration and customization. Further, IT can serve as a trusted broker working with the business to expand such services throughout the enterprise.

Here is the full list of predictions:

Gartner Top Predictions

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